Smoked Salmon & Asparagus

Smoked Salmon Recipe:


Recipe of the day is this delicious Scottish smoked salmon wrapped over fresh asparagus and served with a yoghurt and herb dressing.

This brilliant smoked salmon recipe is super quick to prepare and serves two as a main or four as a starter.

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
100 Kcal per serving


350g asparagus bunch
120g smoked salmon
100g Rachel’s low fat natural yogurt 20g
Fresh dill
Chopped 25g fresh chives
Chopped finely Zest of 1 lemon
Salt & pepper to taste.
Dash of olive oil


  • Remove the woody ends from the asparagus by snapping the very bottom of each spear or remove the ends with a knife.
  • In a suitable pan place the asparagus spears and add cold water until they are just covered. Bring the water to the boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. Cook the asparagus for 3 -5 minutes until tender – check the spears with a fork before removing.
  • Meanwhile, make the dressing. In a small bowl mix the yoghurt and fresh herbs, zest and seasoning and mix well.
  • Once the asparagus is tender, turn off your stove top. Remove the pan and pour the asparagus through a strainer, being careful not to burn yourself on the pan.
  • Immediately, and working quickly, layer over the slices of smoked salmon.
  • Finish with a drizzle of yoghurt dressing and olive oil and serve straight away.

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