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Health & Fitness – Tips to get back in shape – autumn weight loss tips
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Ahh, so autumn is finally here. Personally it’s my favourite time of the year not just because my birthday is in autumn but also because the weather is so perfect – not too hot and not too cold. And we see changes in the trees and leaves, it’s just a beautiful season all round. I always also use it as the perfect time to reign in my bad habits and get back in shape. – autumn weight loss tips

This summer, I indulged more than usual. I was excessive with alcohol, I was stressed so ate a lot of junk food and I stopped going to the gym. All this took its toll as you’d expect and I’ve put on a lot of pounds; all my clothes are uncomfortably tight and I fit into my fat pants – you know the huge pants we all keep in our wardrobes to measure how much weight we’ve put on. I fit into mine last week, and let’s just say panicking doesn’t begin to describe what I’ve been feeling so this October, I’ve decided to hit the reset button. Not just by joining the no alcohol challenge but also to reset my diet and get back to a healthier, lighter me.

This means, I’ll be putting my treasured wine glass down and picking up my smoothie bottle. Yes I’m going on the body reset diet (2 smoothies a day + 2 snacks and a normal dinner) only my dinner will be soups. – autumn weight loss tips

I’ll be using a book by Fiona Kirk called ‘Soup will make you thin’, it contains amazingly tasty and easy to make soup recipes. The main reason why I’m choosing this book is because I love savoury things and having smoothies for dinner is not my cup of tea plus soups are such an autumn and winter staple so what’s not to love. – autumn weight loss tips

I’m so determined to get back in shape and have set myself a challenge to drop 10kg by the beginning of November. The basis of my getting back in shape is through healthy eating but I also have some tips or go – to brands and products that I rely on for success when it comes to losing weight. They are super helpful for those who love snacking or have a sweet tooth, sometimes it’s difficult but these tips will help with a successful weight loss so let’s delve in. – autumn weight loss tips

I’m starting with Pulsin protein powders and snacks. It goes without saying that a high protein, low carbohydrate diet helps when it comes to dropping a few pounds and protein powders are what make smoothies thick and filling enough to last from one meal time to the next and Pulsin’s protein powders are perfect for this.
The entire range is made up of natural protein powders and three natural whey proteins which are all natural and unflavoured, and each serving contains the recommended daily protein intake. – autumn weight loss tips

There’s also Pulsin snacks which includes protein Boosters and Raw Choc Brownies for those hunger pangs in between meals. They are also free from refined sugars, meaning no energy crashes and not a single ounce of guilt.

Another product that aids in boosting metabolism which helps when trying to get back in shape is this Tumeric latte. I got mine from Lakeland but it’s available in most health food shops because lately, turmeric has become very trendy, and with a good reason, it has so many benefits, not just in helping with weightloss, it also has anti-inflammatory powers. – autumn weight loss tips

Another reason why I like this Tumeric Latte is because it’s perfect for this time of year, it warms me right up with each sip and unlike tea or coffee has so many health benefits. – Health & Fitness – Tips to get back in shape

Another health aid with a cult following that I love is this Slendertox Tea. I love using their 14day regiment. The tea is naturally organic and helps to break down the fatty deposits in the gut so it works more efficiently, within a short period of time. Drinking this means less bloating, increased metabolism and energy levels. – autumn weight loss tips

Finally for snacking addicts, this MELLO Watermelon Seeds are amazing. Normally I snack on sunflower and sesame seeds but these watermelon seeds are as filling and more nutritious. The seeds provide healthy doses of Magnesium + Vitamin B, Iron, Protein (34.1g per 100g) and Potassium which all contribute to brain functionality and reduce the risk of heart disease. – autumn weight loss tips

The fact that it has many health benefits, overriding traditional pumpkin seeds in a nutritional context is just impressive. It’s high in fibre, which lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease; potassium which is for maintenance of blood pressure, magnesium which is contributes to muscle function, iron which reduces tiredness + fatigue and protein contributes to growth in muscle mass + bone maintenance.

I’m a week into this new reset diet to get back in shape and it’s not been easy especially saying no to my treasured red wine but I’m taking it a day at a time. I would love to hear if you have any helpful tips to help with this healthy diet journey.

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